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Therapeutic Riding that can help restore a child's world  

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What we do

On October 7th Israel was attacked by Hamas terrorists and suffered unimaginable trauma and loss of lives. The Asher Stables in Rishpon, Israel responded by opening the riding school to serve the children who have survived the horrific terrorist attacks, children from the towns and kibbutzim from southern Israel.

Asher Stables is a premier horse stables run by Ayelet Goldstein, an experienced horse and rider trainer and founder of the Asher Riding School. The school is also a center for Therapeutic Riding with trained and experienced therapists.

By offering therapeutic riding to the children of settlements from southern Israel, the children receive more than just the opportunity to enjoy themselves. The riding sessions are a vehicle for them to feel safe, to open up, to talk about their experiences, to deal with and heal from their trauma.

The Asher school is currently providing about 20 therapy sessions a week at a cost of 200 NIS (about $60) per session. Ayelet has been personally covering the cost, which includes horses, feed, stable and therapist staff salaries, etc. In addition, she has provided snacks and T-shirts for the children.

She is spending, out of her own pocket, over 4000 NIS (about $1,200) per week.

Due to the great success of the program, the school has been asked to treat additional children. Ayelet plans to double the number of sessions per week and to continue as long as necessary even after the war is over. There are also plans to treat returning soldiers as well.

Treating the psychological wounds of Israelis, especially children who have witnessed and experienced the most brutal events one can imagine, is a vital service to Israel. But Ayelet cannot continue to carry the financial burden alone.

What you can do

Now we are turning to you, asking that you open your hearts and pocketbooks to support this life-affirming project.

In this campaign, we are seeking to raise at least 288,000 NIS ($86,400) to enable the treatment of at least 30 children over the next year. If we exceed the goal, we will expand the program even further.


  • One child for one week of Therapeutic Riding sessions ($60 / NIS 200)

  • One child for one month of Therapeutic Riding sessions ($240 / NIS 800)

  • Premier Sponsor ($1,000 / NIS 3600)

  • Any amount you care to give ...


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Please donate today and contact us for additional information and to learn how you can help.

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