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Meet No'ah (not her real name), a sweet 6 year old girl who on Oct. 7th was locked in her safe room for 7 hours while terrorists destroyed her home and kidnapped her aunt and uncle. Needless to say she has been through a lot. Horses bring her so much joy and relief, allowing her to open up, rebuild confidence and learn methods of dealing with stress and fear. It truly is a life changing experience.


No'ah has made so much progress with us. It was hard at first but she is shown here doing a trust exercise, building trust in others (the therapist leading her horse), in her horse, and in herself. She can now sit on the horse backwards, no hands, and with eyes closed. She now loves the feeling of release and "letting go of the reins", so to speak. Way to go, No'ah!


Please be a part of this work and giving these kids a chance for hope!!

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